Only Recipe

Just the Recipe. No popups, no life story. Only ingredients and instructions!

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Only Recipe App removes all the clutter from any recipe website and displays only the instructions and ingredients in a clean and simple layout.

You don't have to read through 1000-word blogs to find the recipe.


  1. One click recipe: Remove clutter in a single click

  2. QR code scan: If you are browsing your recipe sites on computer, just open Only Recipe App and point the QR scanner to the URL.

  3. Favorites: Save any recipe as favorite.

  4. History: The app will store a history of all recipes you have fetched using Only Recipe.

How to use:

There are simple ways in which you can fetch the recipe from any site.

  1. Using QR Scanner: If you are on a computer, just use the phone camera and scan the QR code of the URL (click on the barcode icon in the browser address bar to see the QR code)

  2. Using Share menu: If you are browsing any recipe site on your phone, just share the link using browser share menu. Select Only Recipe app from the list of apps.

  3. Using Copy Paste: You can also copy any recipe URL from anywhere and open Only Recipe app. Click on Paste URL button and the app will fetch the recipe from the copied URL.

  4. Manually input the recipe URL: You can also manually input the URL in the box provided and click submit.